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July Meal Box: Sausages From the Butcher

The July meal box delivery day is just around the corner - July 20th, and we're so excited to announce that this month's meal boxes will include two pounds of sausages from the butcher shop! Two pounds is equivalent to eight sausages and there are a few different flavors going out as well. There will be 50 pounds of smoked cheddar sausages coming from Harriston Meats, and Stone Horse Farm will be supplying 20 honey garlic, 20 Oktoberfest, 20 hot dogs and 10 Italian sausages.

Each July meal box will include the following items:

- 2 lbs Onions Dominion Farm Produce Inc.

- 2 lbs Carrots Dominion Farm Produce Inc.

- 2 lbs beets Dominion Farm Produce Inc.

- 1 bunch of spinach Springh Farms

- Romaine lettuce head Gaetano Green Acres Inc.

- Green Leaf lettuce head Gaetano Green Acres Inc.

- 4 L of either 1% or 2% Beatrice milk Costco

- 1 wedge of mild Gouda specialty cheese Continental Specialties

- 1 dozen farm fresh eggs Homestead Farm

- 1 lb of butter Alliston Creamery

- 500 mg of honey Innisfil Creek Honey

- 1/2 pint of raspberries Barrie Hill Farms

- 2 lbs of butcher sausages Harriston Meats & Stone Horse Farm

- Artisan buns/bread loaf Caldense Bakery (Bradford location)

- Single serve Muesli morning rounds x 2 Ozery Family Bakery

- Portuguese pastries Caldense Bakery (Head office)

- Bakery desserts Don's Bakery of Barrie

- Frozen broth made from donated ingredients Thorganic Farms + others

- 6-pack Costco toilet paper Costco

Here's a quick video of our volunteers making the pork and beef broth soup for the July meal boxes at Thorganic Farms!

The July meal boxes only cost $41 but are valued at $101!

Our monthly meal boxes can only be purchased on behalf of a low-income f