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Meal Box Program

Between June 2022 and January 2024, Fresh Food Weekly operated the Fresh Food Weekly 'Meal Box Program' at Countryside United Church in Thornton, Ont., located 15 minutes south of the City of Barrie. To briefly summarize what we did throughout this period; we raised funds to buy fresh food at wholesale, then packed this food into meal boxes and delivered these meal boxes to the front doorsteps of low-income households every other Tuesday afternoon and evening. 

We Fundraised

Fresh Food Weekly raised money to pay for the food it gave to program recipients. The costs of feeding our current 90 on-going low-income households required us to raise $5,400.00 every four weeks. The majority of our income comes from donations, while a small portion comes from fundraising. 

Past Fundraisers

Past Awards

We Bought in Bulk


Wasn't Fresh Food Weekly's food all donated though? No! Only about 20 percent of Fresh Food Weekly's food was donated by local farmers and food businesses. During the harvest months especially, from July to early November, the local food economy produces a myriad of vegetables - mostly root, and leafy greens. Throughout the entire year, though, grain products such as breads and baked goods were often donated in high quantities as well.


However, in order to reduce financial strain on the public health care system, Canadians need more than just root vegetables and leafy greens to live on. They need protein and iron too. And if disadvantaged people have any chance at improving their mental health and getting off their medications, they need toilet paper. End of story.

Since Fresh Food Weekly purchased its food in bulk just like grocery stores, it was able to get the same prices as grocery stores as well. Sometimes, Fresh Food Weekly was even able to get food "at cost". These cost-savings enabled Fresh Food Weekly to buy quality products and premium brands while still getting a great deal.

We Packed the Food

Fresh Food Weekly was focused on delivering food that’s still fresh and in the shape it’s supposed to be when it arrives at the front doorsteps of program recipients. To help us do that, a couple local businesses stepped up and provided the delivery bags and bread boxes we needed to complete our biweekly deliveries properly. 



Tempo Flexible Packaging is a food packaging manufacturing company located in Innisfil, Ont., and has been an incredible supporter of Fresh Food Weekly’s food security program since the charity’s inception in June 2022. To date, Tempo Flexible Packaging has donated +11,000 custom-made and designed, recyclable delivery bags to the Fresh Food Weekly food security program. 



The Moore Packaging Corporation is a corrugated packaging solutions company located in Barrie, Ont., and has also been an incredible support of Fresh Food Weekly’s food security program since one of their staff read about the charity in a article and consequently reached out to offer their support. 


We Delivered For Free

Fresh Food Weekly doesn’t offer recipients pickup and only offers free delivery, every other Tuesday evening between 4PM and 7PM. 


Fresh Food Weekly is not a food bank and doesn’t store food. Instead, it’s a food delivery service that doesn’t have the expenses that come with storing food long-term, showcasing food in lit display cases, or providing public access. 


Fresh Food Weekly knows that for low-income families, accessing fresh and nutritious food is just as much of a road block to obtaining food security as coming up with the funds to pay for the food itself. 


What went in our meal box meal kits?

"We provided our recipients with fresh, high-quality foods from local suppliers and food businesses."

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