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Healthy Cooking Workshops for Kids

At Fresh Food Weekly, we're all about building a positive relationship with food! We know that food literacy is the key to living a healthy lifestyle but we're also aware that food literacy involves more than just knowing how to read a recipe. 


Dieticians of Canada has revised their definition of food literacy to include; 


The positive relationship built through social, cultural, and environmental experiences with food enabling people to make decisions that support health.

Children who develop food literacy are empowered to make informed decisions about their own nutritional choices, and that equips them for a lifelong journey of healthy eating. This is why it's so important for parents to start getting their children familiar and comfortable with eating and cooking healthy food while they're young. 

Healthy Cooking Workshops

Our two-hour cooking workshops are held at Countryside United Church in Thornton, Ont., and are for children ages six to 13. Children are taught about the importance of a well-balanced diet and how certain foods affect the body in different ways. Each child also gets to cook their own dinner and dessert, which they can proudly bring home to the family while it’s still warm. All food, supplies and cookware are provided, and we also have lots of volunteers available to help ensure everyone is getting the most value out of our workshops.  


Our Workshop Teacher

Mary Dyck, RN

Mary Dyck has been a registered nurse for the past 39 years, spending the majority of her career as a paediatric nurse at Soldier’s Memorial Hospital in Orillia, Ont. Mary is recently retired, spending the last eight years as a certified Bariatric Educator in the Children’s Obesity Clinic at Soldier’s Memorial Hospital, teaching children and their families about eating healthy and developing healthy eating habits. 


Mary is a passionate advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and is excited to use her wealth of knowledge to help kids gain valuable hands-on cooking skills with Fresh Food Weekly’s Healthy Cooking Workshops for Kids. 


Past Workshops in 2023