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Feeding people costs less than treating them for chronic diseases. 

We delivered fresh and locally-sourced food to the front doorsteps of food-insecure households every other week, for free. 

Food Needs Within Barrie's Public Housing Complexes

Fresh Food Weekly would like to get a better understanding of the food needs within Barrie's public housing complexes. This information will help us determine our next steps forward.


If you live in any of Barrie public housing's complexes and are struggling to eat enough food to survive on, we want to know you exist.


At this time, we don't require verification documents. However, when we start up our next program, we will require verification of address, income and number of household members, including their ages, at that time.


Thank you.


Barrie, Ont.



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Leah Dyck, Founder of Fresh Food Weekly and The VanDyck Foundation

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