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The VanDyck Foundation

The VanDyck Foundation is a private operating foundation governed by a restricted charitable purpose trust (governing document), rather than a Board of Directors. Leah Dyck is the Trustee, and she’s also the Founder of the Fresh Food Weekly nutrition-based intervention program, which is run through The VanDyck Foundation. 


The mission statement for The VanDyck Foundation is: “Providing a free, fresh and locally-sourced food delivery service to low-income families”.

Charitable Status No. 77364 5148 RR0001


Leah has been living in public housing since 2008, and has only ever had low-wage jobs despite the fact that she completed three college programs between 2009 and 2014; in Advertising, Social Media (Honour’s roll) and Fundraising (Honour’s roll). As a result, she's since gained a full comprehension of the social assistance programming currently available to people struggling to live, having made good use of them all for one-and-a-half decades.


Lived Experience has played a key role in the development of Fresh Food Weekly. The program itself was designed, founded by, and continues to be run by one of its own recipients; Leah Dyck. 

Our Business

  • Ensure sound stewardship of donor funds by having protocols put in place to ensure beneficiaries are actually of vulnerable population groups. This is done through proof-of-income documentation. 

  • Only purchase food at a discount - our buying power allows us to do this. Never pay retail prices. 

  • Buy locally as much as possible. 

  • Serve the most vulnerable population groups first. 

  • Build a brand with a strong public-facing (a brand that engages in the community, i.e., the kid’s cooking workshops are an excellent example of achieving this).

  • Never stop evolving and adapting the program to have the highest impact possible on the lives of the people it serves. 

Fresh Organic Vegetables
“No one truly understands what it’s like to live in poverty without living in it themselves for at least a decade. It’s wrong. It’s inhumane. And someone needs to do something about it.” 

- Leah Dyck

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