Fresh Food Weekly is a new food charity based in Barrie, Ontario that delivers fresh produce and bread items to low-income families residing in social housing on a weekly basis. Due to the ripple effects of the pandemic’s lockdowns, many people have lost their jobs and no longer have jobs to go back to. In addition to the loss of work, entire industries are dying, we’re anticipating a fourth wave, and food prices have skyrocketed. Before the pandemic, Sobey’s used to ship rice from Thailand to Vancouver for $4,000. Now it costs $20,000 and it’s because of shipping companies. 

Today more than ever, the cost of living is far greater than the income received from working a full-time, minimum-wage job and people are forced to either pay their rent or buy groceries because they cannot afford to do both. Fresh Food Weekly seeks to alleviate some of this burden by getting extra food from farmers and food businesses into the homes of people who’re going hungry in our own backyards. 




Many of you know me and some of you don’t. My name is Leah Dyck and I decided to offer a free delivery service to residences of local, low-income families residing in large apartment buildings and townhouse complexes. 

Program Purpose:

  • To relieve poverty by operating a food delivery service to the residences of local, low-income families living in cooperative apartment buildings and townhouse complexes. 

  • To relieve poverty by breaking down every single barrier preventing low-income families from receiving enough food for the month. 



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