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Victims of the Pandemic's Lock-downs; Worldwide

Over the next five years, the suicide rate around the world will continue to rise, targeting those who aren't able to be retrained in in-demand job markets. The video below includes a "collage" of video clips taken from YouTube videos published by various news channels from around the world between May 7, 2020 and Feb. 8, 2021. The 18-minute video provides a clear portrait of the staggering new reality that is sweeping our planet.

If you've recently done a Google search on 'pandemic suicide rates', then you've seen all the articles titled something like, "No Rise in Suicides Despite Pandemic". As you can see from this video, though, suicides are already killing more people than Covid in some countries.

If something isn't done to help people, the suicide rate will only continue to sky-rocket.

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