Sponsor a Family Today for $45

Our meal box program allows members of our community to sponsor low-income families living in the City of Barrie. And now we can even provide donors with a charitable tax receipt! 

We are currently offering 60 meal boxes per month and you can help feed a family in need through our sponsorship program. 

Donate via e-transfer

You can sponsor a low-income family by sending an e-transfer to: ffwbarrie@gmail.com. Please reach out to Leah Dyck at ffwbarrie@gmail.com to notify her of your interest in sponsoring a family and to provide your charitable tax receipt information. 


Donate cash

For those who do not do e-transfers, or simply prefer to pay with cash, please email Leah Dyck at ffwbarrie@gmail.com or call her at (705) 718-0062 to make arrangements. 

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