Our donors consist of local farmers and food businesses in the Barrie and surrounding areas, who have decided to donate their produce, breads or other food items to the Fresh Food Weekly program, on a regular basis. We are incredibly thankful to receive their support, and are absolutely thrilled to be working with these families, individuals and entrepreneurs who have dedicated not only their time but also their resources to improving the food security in our community. 

Cookstown Greens is a family-run farm located in Thornton, Ontario and grows a variety of root vegetables and microgreens all year-round. Vicky and Mike became Fresh Food Weekly’s first donor and continue to give their 100-percent certified organic produce each and every week! Their farm boasts of eight greenhouses across 100 acres of farmland, with more than 18 fields. Cookstown Greens is a premier farming business serving Barrie, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. 


Simcoe Harvest is a food market delivery business based in Barrie, Ontario that brings local farms, bakeries and artisans to one convenient location. By curating a weekly selection of local produce and fresh baked goods, their customers can pick and choose from more than 1,000 products that come from more than 120 local food producers. Simcoe Harvest has been one of Fresh Food Weekly's first major food donors and they continue to support us on a weekly basis with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and baked goods.


Jillian Jiggs Baking is a beautiful bakery boutique located in Orillia, Ontario, providing a wide range of baked goods and sweet treats. Jillian is an artist of food, having studied Baking & Pastry Arts at George Brown College. Since her graduation, Jillian has been showcasing her techniques with breathtaking creations, all while sitting on the board of directors for the Orillia Fairgrounds Farmers’ Market. Jillian Jiggs Baking has been a big supporter of Fresh Food Weekly since the very start and continues to donate their baked goods twice a week! 


Fresh Veggies at 60 Aileen is a family-run farm located in the heart of the Holland Marsh in Newmarket, Ontario. Matt and Amanda grow a wide variety of produce and probably have the biggest and most beautiful heads of lettuce in existence. Their vast fields are comprised of high organic matter-based soils, and grow some of Ontario’s finest vegetables. Surrounded by picturesque views and cool breezes, the Holland Marsh is known for its’ low-mineral content soils, as the land used to be a lake before it was drained in the 1920’s. Fresh Veggies at 60 Aileen donates to Fresh Food Weekly all the time and has been one of our biggest supporters!


Dominion Farm Produce Ltd. is the longest running produce distributor in Ontario, distributing their products to customers in Canada, the USA, South America and the Caribbean. Founded in 1965 by Nino Tomizza at their current location on Dissette Street, Bradford, Ont., Nino's son, Tony took over their operations in 2008 when his father retired. Dominion Farm Produce has been a huge supporter of Fresh Food Weekly, and continues to support our program each week. 


Continental Specialties & Imports is commonly known as The Dutch Store in Barrie, and provides an array of imported Dutch foods, catering options, and serves a variety of deli and specialty sandwiches to its’ customers. Continental Specialties is a family-run business with deep roots in Barrie, having opened its very first establishment on Mary Street back in 1964. In 1972, they moved to Maple Street and in 1995, the store moved again to its current location on Dunlop Street, downtown Barrie. Owned by Jeff Van Niekerk, Jeff is the third generation to operate Continental Specialties & Imports, and has also expanded to Strathroy, Ontario, where he opened a second location. Continental Specialties is one of Fresh Food Weekly’s original donors, providing recipients of the program with an additional Dutch flavour!


Caldense Bakery is a local franchise bakery whose head office is located in North York, Ontario and has a strong European heritage behind its’ name. Since 1968, Caldense Bakery has been a leading supplier of the finest European Pastries and breads to the GTA and surrounding areas. Following the same century-old methods in the preparation of their Portuguese Custards dating back to 1830, Fresh Food Weekly is extremely pleased to pass along their freshly baked goods, breads and buns to families in need.


Located at the Barrie City Hall downtown Barrie, the Barrie Farmers' Market takes place every Saturday from 8am to 12 noon. At the end of the market, many of its' vendors donate some of their unsold produce and other food items to the Fresh Food Weekly program. Some of our most avid supporters include Harris Farms, Behr Farms, Heena's Curry House, Wye View Farms, Birch Farms, Greystone Farm, Maisine Cookie Co., Highland Farms, Feast from the East, Vertagro, East End Kitchen, and Terry's Unique Hot Sauce


The Orillia Fairgrounds Farmers' Market features more than 40 vendors, and takes place every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm, at the Orillia District Agricultural Society (ODAS). At the end of the market, some of its' vendors donate their unsold produce and baked goods to the Fresh Food Weekly program. Some of this market's most avid donors include JBR Farms, Jillian Jiggs Baking, Hewitt's Maple Ridge Tree Farm, Y.P.B (Your Personal Baker), East Oro Berry Farm, and Two Crazy Acres. 


Mapleview Community Church is all about serving their local community and helping others with wide-open arms. Located in Barrie’s south end, Mapleview Community Church has its very own food bank, which is completely supported by its congregation. Their generous spirit of giving has been shown to so many families in need, especially throughout the pandemic when these needs have been the greatest. Their outreach initiatives continue to benefit many other local charities as well, including the Fresh Food Weekly program and the Barrie Community Fridge. 


Jay’s Sticky Buns is a brand new sticky bun bakery located in the south end of Barrie. Charissa and Jason just opened their store in June 2021 and are open Monday through Saturday, offering a new daily menu each day of the week. Sourcing their ingredients locally as much as possible, this family-run business offers the highest-quality sticky buns with an impressive esthetic appeal. As one of Fresh Food Weekly’s newest donors, we are thrilled to include their beautiful creations in our weekly free food orders!


InLoaf is a new marketplace bakery located in the east end of Barrie, having opened its first location in June 2021. Sean Renshaw is a natural entrepreneur and his business concept allows for local artisan bread makers to come together on one platform to sell their baked goods in one convenient location. By curating baked goods from a variety of bakers, inLoaf provides its' customers with a wide variety of products, ranging from sourdough bread to delicious baked treats. As one of Fresh Food Weekly's most recent donors, we are very excited to provide our recipients with their beautiful bread! 


Don’s Bakery is is a family-run bakery with deep roots in the Simcoe County area. Founded in 1947, Don’s Bakery first set up shop in the heart of Muskoka at Portage Landing by Moon River. They are one of the few scratch bakeries left, supplying handmade baked goods to their local and seasonal customers. Jana and Bryan Foster purchased the bakery in 2010 and opened a Barrie location in 2017. Fresh Food Weekly is excited to have Don’s Bakery as one of our donors - the recipients of our food program continuously rave about their delicious donations! 


Ozery Family Bakery is a family-owned business that first opened as a sandwich shop in downtown Toronto in February of 1996. Now, it’s a certified B Corporation that is committed to serving its community by growing its social impact year over year. Through the implementation of its strategic plan, Ozery Family Bakery is focused on reducing its manufacturing carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy sources, as well as reducing its total water usage and energy consumption. Fresh Food Weekly is a proud recipient of its baked good donations and we’re thrilled to have such an environmentally conscious business on our donor roster!


The Southern Georgian Bay Farmers’ Market is located in the heart of Midland and takes place every Sunday throughout the summer months. Each week, Fresh Food Weeks attends the end of the market to collect any unsold food items their vendors would like to donate to the program. Some of our frequent donors include Heart & Sol Farm, Camphouse Farm, Boulangers Midland City Bakers, Thunder Beach Acres, Radiant Health, PJ Meats and Shana’s Baked Goods


Coopers CSA Farm & Maze has been around for a long time, having served the Greater Toronto Area for almost 200 years! As the seventh generation of family farmers, Steve and Lisa Cooper use all forms and styles of farming practices while taking care of the land they farm on. Fresh Food Weekly is thrilled to have Coopers CSA Farm as one of our weekly donors as we work together to create a more food secure community!


Shane and Jennifer Singh are second-generation vegetable producers located in the Holland Marsh with 50 acres of the most fertile growing land in Ontario. Having farmed for 45 years, Springh Farms has mastered the practice of ‘picked today and delivered tonight’, and provides their customers with the freshest produce around. Fresh Food Weekly is proud to have Springh Farms join our roster of weekly donors and look forward to getting their produce into the homes of families in need. 


Forsythe Family Farms is located in Uxbridge, Ontario and has its very own one-and-a-half-acre Giving Garden set aside for use of the community. Based on the book of 2 Corinthians; chapter 9, verses 6-11, the goal of the Giving Garden is to enable generosity in others and share the bounty. The seeds are donated by Forsythe Family Farms, while the labour to plant, cultivate, grow and harvest is done by the community. Fresh Food Weekly is thrilled to have access to their Giving Garden and are always looking for more volunteers to help with harvesting so we can give more food to recipients of the program! 


The Barrie Food Bank is the go-to food assistance provider in the City of Barrie and has been incredibly supportive of the Fresh Food Weekly program. Having donated bread, and regularly donated fresh produce, Fresh Food Weekly is proud to have the Barrie Food Bank in our corner as we strive to increase food security in our community! 


Miski Organics is a proudly run, owned and operated Canadian company that imports and supplies prime quality, organic food products - and their head office is right here in Barrie, Ont! Miski Organics was founded by two sisters, Mariella and Lia, who were born in Peru. Mariella immigrated to Canada in 1988, and with the help of her sister, Lia, who stayed in Peru to open an organic and gluten-free bakery, the two sisters eventually founded their company. Miski Organics donated to Fresh Food Weekly's 2021 Christmas Food Drive and Christmas Meal Box delivery program. Mariella was such a great support, she even helped with delivering the food to recipients! 


Located all the way over in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Rampage Coffee Co. sources, supplies and sells premium coffee blends to customers all across Canada and the United States through their e-commerce platform and local retail store. With Rampage Coffee you get Canada's freshest coffee delivered right to your doorstep, and delicious specialty grade micro batch coffee at a great price. Sourcing their beans from farms in Central America and South Asia, their coffee blends are known for their rich and smooth flavors and superior quality. Rampage Coffee Co. was such an incredible support for Fresh Food Weekly's 2021 Christmas Food Drive, which was for women who've resided at the Women & Children's Shelter of Barrie. They shipped enough coffee for all the recipients and they timed it perfectly so these women could enjoy the freshest possible brews!


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