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Two New Big Donors

This week Fresh Food Weekly received two new big weekly donors: Springh Farms in the Holland Landing and Cooper’s CSA Farm & Maze in Zephyr. Their donations this week combined was about 1,000 pounds, which brings the weekly food donation amount to more than 2,000 pounds!

Our three fridges are completely packed with produce!

As a result, we’ve changed some of the free food delivery dates for program recipients, beginning next week, and now we’ll be delivering food on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sunday.

To accommodate this change, Caldense Bakery in Bradford has started donating their freshly baked buns and breads six days a week!

Leadership: THE Catalyst to Change

I’ve been able to witness first-hand what it takes to create change and it all starts with one person who’s willing to make the change. When Fresh Food Weekly first started receiving food donations, we had one weekly donor: Cookstown Greens. Then we received a second; Simcoe Harvest. Then a third, and a fourth… Now we have 17 donors and 14 of them donate each and every week!

Not only is our roster of donors growing, but so is our list of program recipients who’re receiving this free fresh food. Through word-of-mouth, and the Barrie Families Unite Facebook Page, Fresh Food Weekly now delivers donated produce and baked goods to 150 low-income families each week.

The Fresh Food Weekly program is a desperately needed program in the City of Barrie and the fact that it’s growing so quickly without any formal advertising or promotion goes to show just how needed it really is.

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