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The Delightful November Meal Box

We are excited to announce that the November meal box items have been determined! This month, the meal box delivery day will take place on Monday, Nov. 28th, and each recipient will receive the following items:

Two-pound beef pot roast

Thorganic Farms

Choice of 1% milk (4L), 2% milk (4L), or lactose-free milk (2L)


A dozen farm fresh eggs

Homestead Farm

A pound of butter, choice of salted or unsalted

Alliston Creamery

A wedge of premium dutch cheese, choice of Mild Gouda or Swiss

Continental Imports & Specialties

A three-pound bag of royal gala apples

The Bay Growers

One liter of organic, sweet apple cider

Goldsmith's Market

Two pounds of carrots

Harris Farms and Dominion Farm Produce Ltd.

Two pounds of onions

Dominion Farm Produce Ltd.

Two pounds of beets

Springh Farms

A pepper squash

Harris Farms

Delicata squashes

Harris Farms

Onion soup mix (for seasoning the pot roast)


Morning rounds

Ozery Family Bakery

Butter tarts

The Sweet Oven and Don's Bakery

Portuguese pastries

Caldense Bakery

Loaf of fresh bread, choice of white, brown, light rye, marble rye, dark rye, good hearth, flax, sourdough, multigrain

Fox's Bakery & Deli

Two pounds of potatoes

Cookstown Greens

Gluten-free pasta


If you would like to apply for a meal box, please fill out our application form.

If you would like to sponsor a low-income family living in Barrie, it only costs $45 and you can send an e-transfer to: If you would like a tax receipt for your donation, please email Leah Dyck at for to provide your tax receipt details.

Thank you!

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