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School Snacks Food Drive

Fresh Food Weekly is hosting a School Snacks Food Drive for families with children in elementary school who aren't able to afford food.

The CEO of Food Banks Canada says this summer is their toughest in history, and even the food bank here in Barrie is experiencing a massive increase in their number of monthly clients. The Tottenham Food Bank is reporting numbers they've never seen before, and so is the local food bank in London, Ontario. Alberta food banks are seeing record-high numbers amid sky-high inflation as well... in fact, there doesn't seem to be a single food bank in Canada that isn't currently serving the most amount people they've ever served in history. For so many families now, the food bank is literally the only way they're able to eat and the food banks aren't giving people even half of what they need.

So throughout the month of August, we'll be accepting school snacks that don't need to be refrigerated, for children in kindergarten to grade eight. Our volunteer drivers will deliver this food to recipients on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022.

Things like juice boxes, goldfish, rice crispy squares, granola bars, bear paws, teddy grahams, etc., are more than welcome! Unfortunately, we cannot accept items that contain peanuts or may contain traces of peanuts.

If you would like to make a school snack donation to Fresh Food Weekly, please contact Leah Dyck at: to make arrangements for pickup or drop-off at 380 Duckworth Street in Barrie.

If you would like to apply for some back-to-school snacks for your elementary school-aged children, please fill out this form!

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