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Food Security; Our Last Line of Defence

It has been such a joy and a pleasure to witness first-hand, the amount of people in our community who’ve come together to help those in desperate need of food. As we all know, the affects of lockdowns has left many without jobs, as well as no job to come back to. The ripple effects on our economy have been harshest on those who were already living pay check-to-pay check, and without any savings to fall back on, hundreds of thousands of Canadians, and people around the world have been left with nothing after the first lockdown. And now- two more lockdowns later, their struggle has become very real. When there is no food in the home, that’s when “life” becomes too hard to handle, and the shame incurred becomes too much to bare.

I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much kindness and generosity from so many people as I have this past week! Just look at everything OUR community donated to the Barrie Community Fridge:

Cookstown Greens donated 20 pounds of mixed lettuce, 100 pounds of parsley root, and 100 pounds of beets!

Simcoe Harvest donated four big boxes of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and breads!

And Jillian Jiggs Baking donated the rest of their leftover baked goods from the Gravenhurst Farmers Market!

And this doesn’t even include all the donations I wasn’t around to witness!

On Saturday, June 19th, Fresh Food Weekly also had two additional volunteers helping out with organizing all this donated food into individual orders and together, we delivered 100 bags to the entire Summitview public housing apartment building! Woot woot!

I’m so thankful and excited to see what happens over the next few weeks! This is just so amazing!

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