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Easter Dinner Meal Boxes

I'm a food lover and when it comes to Easter, I'm all about having an epic dinner to share with the whole family. My relationship to food is one of the biggest motivating factors to me starting this food charity in the first place; eating healthy is crucial to having a productive life in which we can all contribute to our society in meaningful ways. And so being a contributing member of society starts with eating three meals a day.

The Easter dinner meal boxes will be delivered to low-income families in the City of Barrie and the Town of Innisfil on Wednesday, Apr. 5th, 2023. Each meal box costs $60 and is valued at $113, and our goal is to raise enough money to cover the costs of 100 Easter meal boxes, but if we can raise more, we'll certainly give out more!

Each Easter dinner meal box will include the following items:

Each child will receive a decorated Easter sugar cookie

Choice of Ham or Chicken

Choice of brussel sprouts or broccoli

Goldsmith's Farm Market & Bakery

5 lbs of potatoes (for making scalloped potatoes)

​Goldsmith's Farm Market & Bakery

1L of 10% half and half cream (for making scalloped potatoes)

A wedge of premium Dutch mild Gouda cheese (for making scalloped potatoes)

2 lbs of carrots

2 lbs of onions

Dominion Farm Produce Ltd.

6-pack of hot cross buns

Betty Crocker carrot cake mix

Goldsmiths Farm Market & Bakery

Betty Crocker Cream Cheese Frosting

Goldsmiths Farm Market & Bakery

A six-pack of Costco toilet paper (Kirkland or Charmin if it's on sale)


4L of 2% milk OR 4L of 1% milk OR 2L of lactose-free milk


A dozen farm fresh eggs

A pound of butter (choice of salted or unsalted)

A loaf of bread (choice of seven different types of bread)

Fox's Bakery & Deli

A pack of Ozery morning rounds

Portuguese pastries

Gluten-free pasta

How to Sponsor a Low-Income Family

If you would like to sponsor a low-income family living in Barrie or Innisfil, you can send an e-transfer of $60 to: and if you would like a charitable tax receipt for your donation, please also send an email to with your name and address and we will send you one by email (unless you specify you would like it sent by mail). If you would like to sponsor a family by credit card or PayPal, please go to our Sponsor a Family page and select the Barrie Easter Dinner Meal Box or the Innisfil Easter Dinner Meal Box option and follow the instructions.

How to Apply for an Easter Dinner Meal Box

We are currently not signing up families to receive an Easter dinner meal box until the money has been raised. However, if you fill out our application form, we will reach out to you once the money has been raised. Also, we are now requiring proof of income for recipients, so we will also require all new recipients to fill out our proof of low-income status form as well.

How to Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer in our Easter dinner meal box delivery day in some capacity, we will be looking for volunteer drivers to help with picking up food, as well as drivers to deliver meal boxes to low-income families in both Barrie and Innisfil. And we'll also be looking for volunteers to help bag the carrots and potatoes a couple days before the delivery day. If you're able to help with any of these jobs, please send Leah Dyck an email at:, and let her know what capacity you would be interested in volunteering in. At this point in time, we already have all our volunteer packers signed up to help :).

Thank you for your interest in helping the vulnerable in our community. Right now, thousands of people are going without food on a daily basis - for so many different reasons. But you can help these families this Easter!

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