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1200 lbs Donated in First Month

I’m proud to announce that in the first four weeks of doing deliveries, Fresh Food Weekly received 1,200 pounds of fresh produce and baked goods!

This past week, we saw a lot of growth, as Cookstown Greens increased their giving once again and donated 325 pounds of arugula, parsley root and carrots!

Simcoe Harvest also increased their giving and donated four big boxes of various fruits and vegetables, as well as two huge bags of bread items and baked goods! I heard from some of the families who received them say how delicious the baked goods were!

In addition, this week ‘Fresh Veggies at 60 Aileen’ in the Holland Marsh donated 200 pounds of various lettuces, including romaine, ice burg, green leaf, and red leaf!

I even helped them harvest it on-site and dropped it off at the Barrie Community Fridge right after. You literally can’t get food any fresher than that.

And on Saturday, the Barrie Farmers Market allowed me to leave a ‘Fresh Food Weekly’ donation bin at their front entrance table, which was completely filled by the end of the market at noon! Going forward, we’ll be able to do this every Saturday and beginning next week, we’ll also be having a donation bin setup at the Orillia Fairgrounds Farmer’ Market as well.

I want to give a big thank you to Behr Farms, Heena’s Curry House, Harris Farms, Wye View Farms and all the other vendors who donated their unsold goods on Saturday. These family-run businesses have been such a blessing to our community, and their support is leading the way for other farmer’s markets to make a big difference in Barrie’s food security too!

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